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Types of Beer


May 4, 2021


There are a variety of styles of beer, and each has its own particular “style.” American lagers are light and transparent, whereas British stouts are dark-colored and have a smoky taste. Scottish brown ales are a traditional form of British beer that is still very popular today. Beer brewing is a fascinating topic, but the subject can best be explored through the examples of different kinds of beers.

Light Beer: This kind of beer is produced with oats for the base material. The oats give the beer a nice head, which adds to the retention of the drink. World of beer Light beer is typically spiced and may contain roasted malt, specialty hops, and a touch of biscuit malt. Irish cream ales, porter, and Irish stout are some examples of this style. A dry stout with hints of toffee and caramel on the finish is often called Irish stout.

Irish Cream Ale: Irish stout, made from either oats or milk, is half male, half oats. It is made by the Irish brewing method, whereby half a grain is boiled for two hours, and the rest is used for the secondary fermentation of yeast. After the primary fermentation, the oatmeal stout is bottled, and then it is put in the cold storage fermenter. The cold storage fermenter is an open-top container that is placed inside a cold room.

Irish Red Ale: An Irish red is similar to the English mild in feel, flavor, and style. Irish beer differs from porters and wheat stouts in the fermentation method; it is done within the same week of brewing. Irish brewers use either oats or malt extract as the base for their brew. Irish beer is typically lower in alcohol content than a porter but is known for being extraordinarily hop-y and having a smoky, toasty taste.

Irish Roast: An Irish roast is not a single style of beer but a generic term encompassing all porter breweries in all states. A “roast” is simply the term for the length of time a brew is aged in barrels. There are many sub-styles of Irish roasts, including black Irish coffee, Donegal, Irish cream, Irish stout, Irish walnut, Irish whiskey barrel, and cinnamon toast.

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German Pilsner: Originally a German meal ale, pilsners have developed an intense, bold flavor and high hop content. Many of the classic German beers, such as Maibock and Gewurztraminer, were first brewed as pilsners. Many people consider German beer to be less happy than pilsner, though it still contains significant amounts of hop.

Belgian White: Also known as Belgian pale, this stout style is light-bodied and slightly darker than its pilsner counterpart. Unlike pilsners, Belgian white does not contain any milk or bread crust and has minimal malt flavor. Many of the best Belgian stouts, like Duvel or Chimay Blue, were initially made as pilsners. Some well-known brewers of Belgian whites include Duvel and Chimay.

Milk Stout: The main ingredient in milk stout is wheat. While the taste is mainly close to that of milk, it contains none of the malt flavor or body of pilsners or stouts. Many of the well-known breweries of Belgium make their milk stout on casks rather than on drums due to the extra effort required to let the wheat ferment without sedation.

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