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Useless USB Things


Jul 11, 2019

Funny Humping USB Dog

USB ports, they’re relatively vital to PCs and the way we use them. We use these for storage drives which may hold the entire portfolio of memory, we all use them for digital cameras, and small stereo systems utilize them for speakers, keyboards, and mice, as well as the rare Humping USB Dog. humping usb

Wait. .What?

Yea, just. I am dead heavy, those exist. Little plastic dogs which”hump” if you plug them into your USB port. They aren’t even that uncommon, also though they seem as they could be seen int he darkest corners of their internet-they are available at this time on ThinkGeek.com.

Why though? They don’t conduct anything else! Thousands of useless USB products exist, and they are not affordable. I can not feel a marketplace for these primarily exist.

Some goods that I suppose have a *little * of function, such as the fondly termed”iGrill.” Are you currently able to imagine what it is? That’s Perfect! It is a USB skillet. You download meals, input in the type of food, weight, and desired level of doneness, and the iGrill manages the rest. While cooking your one, single hamburger, you can find a nice tan along with your USB Desktop tanning center! Available for just $24.99. https://megadealerships.com/collections/under-50/products/funny-humping-usb-dog

OK, I had legit just like one of these.

But are USB powered Humidifiers shaped just like R2-D2 necessary? I am barely scratching the surface; the listing of groups goes on. What exactly does it do? It does not even take in electricity! Why has it obtained a USB interface?! check here

I don’t understand; I can not help but be perplexed considering all of this stuff. In this day and age many people like myself be worried about where they will find the money to cover their phone bill, why are others squandering cash on generally pointless knickknacks? Maybe when I am the stage when my invoices are only a minor annoyance, and I will have sufficient scratch to throw around-I’ll know. Until then, I only will have to wonder why something such as a USB powered”Ghost Radar” exists.