• Thu. Mar 30th, 2023

What Cut Does Wealthy Affiliate Takes on Affiliate Sites?

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Here’s a question, what cut does Wealthy Affiliate Review take on affiliate sites? Many people have asked this, so let me explain.

When I was looking for a new way to make money, I looked at the programs of Wealthy Affiliate and Masterlink, so I figured I’d give it a try. Then, when I was finally ready to sign up for their program, I realized that they all give their affiliates the same thing.

If you read my review of Wealthy Affiliate, you know that their review, which came from someone who already had an account, stated, “This affiliate program is dead easy to start and get going in two weeks”. Well, this is not quite what I thought.

So I called their support line and talked to one of their representatives, and they told me that what they do is that their affiliates are only awarded with a few dollar bills for every customer that joins the system. So, what cut does Wealthy Affiliate take on affiliate sites?

The program is “one-click”, which means that you don’t actually have to use the sales pages of their affiliate partner’s websites, as they allow the affiliate to use their own. The affiliate is just being sent sales letters based on what the host of the affiliate site uses.

There is no reputation system, which is one of the things that makes Wealthy Affiliate so difficult to really make money with. If you want to be successful with Affiliate Marketing, you have to treat it like your own business.

A recent study came out and concluded that although Wealthy Affiliate may earn you a few dollars per sale from your customers, it doesn’t make you any money. The reason for this is that they are just so one-sided, and as long as you’re joining a one-click system, you’re not doing any kind of marketing.

The other thing that Wealthy Affiliate does is they don’t let you upgrade any features as a member. Most programs do, so I felt that they would be more accommodating with this.

It’s all about the affiliate program, and you can’t join a program that is not a good one. I also found out that the biggest problem with them is that there are no updates with the system.

So, do I recommend it? Yes, but for those that don’t mind the program being one-sided and not giving you a real choice, you should check it out.

Overall, if you have a credit card and just want to get started, Wealthy Affiliate may work for you. However, if you’re looking for a real “real” affiliate program, check out the ones that offer promotions, reviews, ratings, and customer feedback.